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2020 - 2023




MPA labs are multidisciplinary work groups that meet up periodically on each island to find solutions that will improve the state of Marine Protected Areas in the Balearics. This group is open to all organisations sharing this vision.

The lab usually takes place three times a year on each island (except on the Pityusic Islands – Ibiza and Formentera – meet jointly). Eight meetings have already taken place on each island since 2018; they offer a good opportunity for exchanging information, defining strategies, and identifying effective actions that can enable us to move towards better management and increased effectiveness of MPAs in the conservation of marine habitats and fauna of the Balearics.

“The Marilles Foundation has provided us with an important boost for protecting these valuable areas, and offers us the opportunity to exchange ideas, get to know other managers of marine protected areas, and be able to improve our actions towards sustainable fishing. It enables a fluid dialogue between various sectors and the regional government for optimising marine conservation and preservation, while respecting socio-economic factors.”

Marilles Foundation
Rita Pabst Fishing inspector of the Consell Insular de Menorca