Marilles Newsletter December 2019

Published 05.12.2019


Marilles Newsletter December 2019

The climate summit 

The Climate Summit  COP25 was held in Madrid in December. It’s an opportunity to accelerate government efforts to take effective action to deal with the climate emergency and to reduce the impact of global warming which is the biggest threat faced by the Mediterranean marine environment and therefore the Balearic Sea. We know that keeping the sea in good condition is the best way to deal with this threat. Abundant fish populations, diverse species and well-conserved habitats make the marine environment more resilient and better able to react. The best way to protect us from the impact of climate change is to have an effective and ambitious network of protected marine areas that embraces all habitats, allows connectivity between protected areas and helps to arrest the decline in biodiversity.  

In addition to the summit in Madrid, there was another important date when Mediterranean governments met in Naples under theBarcelona Convention to reiterate their commitment to Mediterranean biodiversity. We hope that both the Madrid summit and the Naples meeting exceed our expectations. Up to now we have not been very optimistic.

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