Desierto líquido

Published 21.01.2022


Desierto líquido

We have turned seas into liquid deserts, while sustainable artisanal fishing is disappearing. The seas are exhausted. For decades, we have been emptying the oceans at will, using aggressive new technologies, bringing with them strong social and environmental impact. In addition, we have exported our fishing model to countries running out of resources, forcing their people to migrate. We welcome fish, not people.

Filmed in Spain, Mauritania and Senegal, Liquid desert analyses some problems about overfishing and this vicious circle from a politic, social, economic and environmental approach.

The film will be screened on 3 February at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium of the "SA NOSTRA" Culture Centre (Palma), followed by a round table discussion with Xavier Pastor - biologist, oceanographer and ecologist -, Joan Moranta - senior scientist at the IEO - and Sandra Espeja - coordinator of the Marine Citizen Science Programme of Observers of the Sea in the Balearic Islands.